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Mahaweli Sathiya 2017

"Mahaweli Sathiya - 2017" will be held from October 5 to October 11 parallel to the National Food Production War of the government.The Mahaweli Sathiya will be implemented with the support of all government and non-government agrarian sector institutions and the public in all 10 Mahaweli Zones. The objective of this programme is to give new life to Maha season food crop cultivation which fell back during the last few seasons due to the adverse weather conditions.October 5 is allotted for religious observances and they will be held in all the 10 Mahaweli Zones and National Farming Festival will be held at Thibbotuwewa in Madatugama, Huruluwewa Mahaweli Zone under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena on October 6 which is the Agrarian Day. October 7 is the Education and Environmental Day whereas the following day is dedicated for livestock. On this day, a workshop will be held for 500 farmers.October 9 is the Entrepreneurship Day when a workshop will be held for 1,500 new entrepreneurs.October 10 is the Fisheries Day when 1 million fingerlings will be released to the reservoirs including Moragahakanda and other tanks in the Mahaweli Zones.October 11 is the Public Officers’ Day whereas October 12 is the Irrigation Day.