Mahaweli Diary

1970 Feb 28

Mahaweli Diversion Project inaugurated at Polgolla.

1970 March 21

Mahaweli Development Board Act No 14 of 1970 passed.

1970 May 3

Mahaweli Authority area gazetted

1972 Jan

Polgolla complex commenced

1973 March 30

Bowatenna Complex inaugurated

1974 Feb 15

Construction work of Huruluwewa feeder canal commenced


Construction work of Polgolla – Ukuwela Tunnel completed

1976 Jan 08

The Polgolla complex commissioned

1976 March 18

Bowatenna Tunnel opened

1976 April 3

Kalawewa – Balaluwewa sluice opened

1976 Oct

First release of diverted Mahaweli water to the Huruluwewa reservoir

1977 Oct 12

The government decision to accelerate the Mahaweli Programme.

1978 Jan 30

Construction work of the Ulhitiya Project commenced

1978 Aug 14

The Maduru Oya Project  commissioned

1979 Feb 4

Construction work of Kotmale Project  commenced

1979 April

Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka established.

1980 March 23

Construction work of the Victoria Project commenced

1980 June 14

Maduru Oya Project commenced

1981 Apr 16

Uda Walawe Project handed over to MASL

1982 Nov 21

Work on the Randenigala Project inaugurated

1983 Apr 9

The Ulhitiya Reservoir commissioned

1983 Jul 2

The sluice gate of the Maduruoya Reservoir opened

1984 Apr 21

The Minipe Right Bank Canal commissioned

1984 Aug 27

The first charge of hydrel power from the Victoria reached the National Grid

1985 Apr 12

Victoria Project commissioned

1985 Aug 23

The Kotmale Project commissioned

1986 Mar 23

Work on the Rantambe Project commenced

1988 Mar 28

System “L” gazetted as a special Area under Mahaweli Authority

1990 May 28

The Rantambe power complex commissioned


Negotiations with Kuwait Fund assistance for Moragahakanda Project commenced

1996 Feb 11

Padalangala – Suriyawewa – Mirijjawila new road network in Walawe opened

1997 Feb

Initial work on rehabilitation work in System H commenced

1997 Aug 6

Huruluwewa Feeder Canal gazette as Special Area under the Mahaweli Authority.

1997 Dec

Implementation of World Bank and Government of Sri Lanka Project on restricting of the Mahaweli Authority commenced

1997 Dec 6

Walawe Left Bank Development work inaugurated

1998 Jan 2

System B Model Zone Development inaugurated

1998 Feb

Mahaweli Restructuring & Rehabilitation Project (MRRP) Established


Mahaweli Consolidation Project (MCP) commenced


Uda walawe Left bank phase II, commenced

2001 Apr 01

Feasibility study on Moragahakanda / Kaluganga Basin Development Project by Lahmeyer International commenced


Udawalawe Left bank Phase I completed


Integrated Basin plan for Kala Oya was completed


Ridimaliyadda project

2004 Oct 31

A separate RPM Office was established to implement and develop Medirigiriya Project in System ‘D’

2004 Nov 21

Water released from Walawe Left bank at auspicious time

2005 Oct 26

Polonnaruwa – Manmpitiya Sama Palama (bridge) commenced With Japanese aids

2005 Nov 05

Dambulla- Bakamuna – Kalagahawela Road opened to the Public


Special Dairy Development Project. Commenced


Mahaweli Consolidation  Project. Commenced

2007 Jan 25

Moragahakanda Project Inaugural Ceremony

2008 Aug 14

Dam Safety & Water Resources Planning Project (DSWRPP) 
Launching ceremony at Parakarama Samudra


Introducing New Trade Crops. Commenced


Rambakan Oya gazette as special  area under MASL 


Rambaken Oya nominated as Mahaweli Resident Project  Manager’s area


Redimaliyadda Block Office Opened


Pollehedda Block office Opened