Dam Safety & Water Resource Planning Project (DSWRPP)


The Water Resources Development in sri lanka has contributed significantly to the county’s Economic Growth, Poverty Reduction and Environmental Health.

  • It is estimated that less than 28% of the country’s water re-sources are developed. At present, abount 85% of the developed water resources are used for irrigated agriculture in the dry zone of the country
  • Water sector of Sri Lanka is however faced with a few critical and interdependent challenges.
  • The DSWRP project will addess these challenges.

  Improve the development and management of water resources within the country, reduce water related invesments.


Project Components
  1. Dam Safety & Operational Efficiency Improvement.
  2. Upgrading & Modernization of Hydro-Meteorological information System(HMIS).
  3. Multi Sectoral Water Resources Planning.


Project Activities to be carried out

  1. 32 Large Dams of the country which have been identified as high risk to the public safety, will be rehabilitated.
  2. 80 large Dams (including above 32 Dams) of the county will be provided basic safety facilities
  3. Critical issues of senanayaka samudraya, samanalawewa,polgolla tunnel,minipe trans basin canal and victoria dam will be studied and make recommendation for remedial actions
  4. Upgrade and modernize current Hydro-Meteorological information system(HMIS)  of the country to forecast/plan water resource development work more accurately.
  5. Mahaweli  Development Plan will be reviewed and make recommendation for potential water resources developments.
  6. National Water Use Plan (addressing both surface and ground water)will be developed to facilitate future water needs
  7. Mundeni Aru River Basin development plan will be prepared.
  8. Capacity of the staff of all related institutions will be enhanced to manage the water facilities/ Assets in a sustainable manner and to meet the emerging challenges in the water sector


Expected Project Outputs

  1. A safe operationally efficient and risk minimized reservoir/ head works system with a safety monitoring system in place inclusive that of Mahaweli,
  2. A modernized and efficient hydro meteorological information system(HMIS),
  3. A river basin based water development and management master plan addressing both surface and ground water
  4. A skilled and competent staff to manage the water facilities/ assets in a sustainable manner and to meet the emerging challenges in the water sector


Contributing institutions

  • Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka
  • Department of Irrigation
  • Ceylon Electricity Board
  • National water supply and Drainage Board
  • Water resources Board
  • Department of meteorology
  • Disaster Management Centre