Scholarship Programmes

  • 2017-07-07- Maintenance Operation and Management of Irrigation Facilities from 15th October -09th December 2017 - Japan More
  • 2017-06-07- One Day short Course on Urban Strom Water Drainage Modeling 24th June 2017 at Hotel Kandyan Arts Residency More
  • 2017-06-01- Seminar on Environment Governance Countries From 22nd June - 12th July 2017 - China More
  • Training Programme for Adaptive Flood Risk Managament From 17th July - 23th July 2017- Bangaladesh More
  • Green Freight and Logistics Development From 21st August - 2nd September 2017 - Thailand More
  • Ecomomics of Climate Chnage Adaptation From 21st August - 1st September 2017 - Thailand More
  • Seminar on Resource and Environment Protection and Eco Civilization Construction for the "Belt and Road Countries From 04th July - 24th July 2017 - China More