Divisions - Water Management Secretariat

The management of the water resources of the Mahaweli Project is entrusted to the Water Management Panel (WMP) which is headed by the Director General, MASL consists of all Heads of Government Agencies concerned with the management and operation of the Mahaweli Project. The Director, Water Management Secretariat functions as the Secretary of both the Policy Planning Panel and the Mahaweli Water Management Panel, and this helps to maintain the necessary communication link between the two panels. The WMP is also responsible for the overall cultivation programmes in the areas served by the Mahaweli Project. The WMP is assisted in its works by a technically specialized Water Management Secretariat (WMS) constituted within the MASL. It is responsible for the operational planning and co – ordination responsibilities of the WMS extend to the other operating agencies as well. The WMS provides information and recommendations to the WMP to assist it in reaching its operational policy decisions. Once the decisions are made, the monitoring of the total programme is directed by the WMS.

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