With the start of 2020, Sri Lanka will be breathing a new government and stepping towards the development after ending the 30-year civil war. The Mahaweli Development Program that has taken many initiatives to enhance the economic development of the country in line with the policy direction of “Vision of Prosperity” by His Excellency the President. It is a good indication that we will be able to meet the future economic challenges as we are at a lower level of economic growth now.

It is no secret that the Mahaweli Development Program has enabled Sri Lanka to withstand the challenges of the world economy. Under the guidance of the leaders of the Mahaweli Ministry, the Mahaweli Development program has been established to make the country self-sufficient in rice, vegetables and other crops along with the program of animal husbandry and self-employment to eradicate poverty. Today we are witnessing the progress of the programs implemented in the various fields.

The environment is now ready to face the challenges of New World by moving towards a commercial agriculture through farming practices with technology, organic farming and Agro tourism programs, land & water saving programs with environmental protection programs to make sustainable agricultural development in line with current world economic trends. The assistance rendered by the government and other organizations to the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and the Mahaweli Authority of Sri Lanka in this regard is highly appreciated.

I hope that this web portal will help guide Sri Lanka towards a prosperous nation through agricultural development, coupled with new technology

A Senanayake

State Secretory of Mahaweli Development

Message of A. Senanayake, State Secretory of Mahaweli Development